About Amanda


I’ve been a licensed hairstylist since I was 17. I’m now 32! I was born in Florida and grew up in Ohio (now I’m a Florida resident again-hellloooo sunshine!). I am a Mom of three kids (3 and younger) and a wife to my rock and business partner (Josh)! I own a successful hair salon located on the Barrier Island in Vero beach, FL (Hautedry).

Over the years, I had a tough time fighting my way to the top (where I charge what I’m worth, have the following I’d like, and consistently deliver work I can be proud of). One day, I woke up and realized- my passion is helping others be better than they were the day before. Whether that means doing their hair (as a consumer) or training other Stylists to be their personal best.

I’m in my sweet spot; fast forwarding careers and simplifying training processes. The sky is the limit when you put your head down and repeat to yourself: I WILL CONQUER.

I have a fascination with helping others be at the top of their game through step-by-step repeatable systems. I help Salon Assistants eliminate mistakes, gain confidence, and fast forward their careers to become a highly requested hairstylist.

How do I do this? Well. I don’t hold back. Knowledge isn’t mine alone. Mistakes I’ve made aren’t there to make ME the best I can be… they are a roadmap to change lives. Sure, you can be average and still have a great career. But what if you were the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF? Who could stop you then?


Over the years, I’ve learned that I exist to be a launching point. To give Stylists a path to be better than they were before, and send them on their way to conquer.


I used to learn at a slower pace then most. Then I realized, it was because I didn’t see the goal clearly enough. I didn’t know how to have a strong technical foundation in order to grow my confidence.


So I’ve made it my mission to simplify the process of how to get to where I am now (highly requested Hair Stylist). I had years of experience and mistakes, under my belt to get here.

But it can be more simple, and I’ve packaged up this process for others to benefit from. I believe the industry is big enough for all of us to be successful, and I’m excited for the lives that will be changed for the better.


For Those Who Conquer

I’m not for everyone. I’m sometimes a little too focused, single-minded and passionate. If ‘getting by’ is enough for you, then I’m sure I’ll be a bit much for you.

If you live and breath your craft, and dream about being at the top of your game… then I think we’ll like each other. Conquerors have to stick together, because climbing mountains isn’t easy. But it certainly is worth it.

Can you see it now?




Successful Business. Team Atmosphere. Simplified Systems.

I would be lying if I said I got to this place on my own. My husband Josh is a vital part of what I do! He encouraged me to open HauteDry , he taught me about healthy Salon culture. And he often reminds me that the power is in achievable goals.

How did Josh learn all of these things? Josh was a quarterback in High School and College, and he went on to be a Head Football Coach in Fort Pierce, Florida.

He lead the team to multiple national rankings, and went on to train the best QB’s in the State of Florida. He left coaching (and teaching) to pursue a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Finance, where he now has a specialty in Portfolio Management.

His background, skills and extreme passion for education have lead him to this moment: partnering with me to offer simplified training systems to HairSylists and Salon Owners.

We believe you can use years of mistakes and self-correcting to get you where you want to be, OR you can learn from those who have gone before you.


Thanks for following along, there are so many other things you could be doing with your precious time. We are always looking for fellow Conquerors; so if you strive to be the BEST, please add yourself to our list below!


Amanda Shaffer

PS. Grab our GAP checklist below, it’s a guide to help you focus on the RIGHT THINGS to get you to your goals. Click below!