Why did you start in this career?

Was it passion?

Was it a back-up plan?

Was it because you have an ‘eye’ for fashion?

Do you have a dream to be the Hair Stylist of celebrities?

What is your ‘why’?

It doesn’t matter why you began this journey; most careers start with passion. It’s what happens in the middle that makes the story truly interesting. I was top of my class in Beauty School. I had the most requests; I learned concepts faster than others. I was voted class President and got a fantastic Salon Assistant job at a Salon in Canton, Ohio.

My start was strong, but I slowly realized; I’m a fraud. I was taking care of my Salon Guests, but they weren’t returning. My redo’s were piling up as my confidence went lower with each passing day. Finally one day I woke up, sick and tired, and with no passion left.

So naturally, I decided it just wasn’t worth the fight. I tried another career altogether, going into retail management. Sure, I was good at that too. But I couldn’t picture it long-term. After three years of being out of hair, I decided to try again. But this time, I would fight my way to understanding my craft! I wouldn’t pretend. I wouldn’t let raw talent be the only badge I wore proudly.

So here I am today; a Salon Owner, an expert in my specialties, and a true conqueror. I can confidently say these things because I let my fear drive me… I’m afraid to be the same as yesterday. I’m terrified to be average. I’m only satisfied when I’m striving to be my very best self. Will you join me?



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Hear Testimonials from the Conqueror Collective

“I can’t believe how far I’ve come. From Assistant to Top Stylist in a short period of time! I started the program with (what I thought was) confidence. Then as I progressed, I realized there was SO MUCH holding me back from the next level. I’m so glad HD Academy brought out the best in me.” -Viktoria Z.

“I’m a shy person, so there was so much I got out of this course. The things I value learning the most is how to talk to people, read people, and which questions to ask for a consult. I can’t wait to take more of HD Academy courses in the future!” -Ariel K.

“I can’t wait to use the techniques I learned in the BlowDry portion of the course! I learned so many different aspects of the service, and I feel like I can use the system for basically EVERY style that I do!” -Melissa

“How to control the roots and how to set the BlowDry. I’m excited to consult with the Salon Guests and learn how they want their hair to be styled (and make it long-lasting for them). My overall experience was great because I didn’t learn in Beauty School how to BlowDry the hair, so now I will move forward with confidence.” -Jandy G.

“What did I find most helpful? EVERYTHING! The knowledge and training of BlowDrys was so appreciated! It’s amazing now understanding what I ‘thought’ I knew before and what I know now is so eye-opening. I can’t wait to use the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ techniques on clients in my Salon.” Sabrina B.



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We believe in the underdog.

Have you wondered if your passion will be enough to be successful? Are you in the moment of your life where you strive for something more than a JOB? You know you can conquer within the Beauty Industry, but where do you start?

Do you strive to be an expert? A hairstylist career leading up to expert level can be boiled down to one acronym; GAP. Your attention to detail within these phases is VITAL to your success. You can move through the scale with precision and accuracy, OR you can let TIME be your teacher. It’s your choice!

Growth- The phase of learning, absorbing foundational knowledge, and discovering your natural abilities.

Assistant- The period of your career where you absorb by performing services (hands-on), see as many situations as possible, and learn to problem-solve.

Professional- this is when you are on your own, and can confidently correct mistakes and know why they happen. At this point in your career, you have seen most situations arise and have the background knowledge to avoid most potential problems.

Filling in the GAP will lead to EXPERT LEVEL:

Expert: Someone who has eliminated most mistakes through knowledge and experience. They can not only perform their services confidently, but they can teach others the ‘WHY’ behind it. Expert-level sees details that most would overlook, and they have mastered the art of clear communication.

Take it from me; there is a long road to get to expert-level if you don't do it with a clear mission in mind. There are so many mistakes to be made after Beauty School to learn all the things you’ll need to know (to be the BEST at what you do). Or, you can take the hard lessons I have learned and follow our step-by-step process to getting the salon job of your dreams.

DON'T WAIT, it's time to beat the average and become extraordinary.

You're already awesome enough, you say? There's nothing more to learn? Then this course is not for you. But if you want to grow and you'll put in the work to be your best, then follow us on this journey.

Let's get started. Check out our plans and pricing to get a salon job that will catapult your career.

What if you don't have a Salon job yet?

It’s a perfect time to invest in your career. It will give you the head-start and confidence needed to move forward and be your personal best. Everyone has a career crossroad; a moment in time where you have to make a choice. You will either:

Trust that time will be your teacher, and hope to self-correct along the way


You’ll learn from other’s mistakes and absorb knowledge in a quick and easily digestible order.

Which path will you take?

Are you worried about investing in your career since it hasn't started yet? We get it, we've been there. We are SO CONFIDENT that this course will help you, we will give you a 30 day, money back guaranty.