Amanda Shaffer || Co-Founder

Amanda has been creating systems since the age of 10. She used to sit around contemplating ways to make things more efficient; including the Dewey Decimal System. She also took great joy in figuring out how to clean the house better and faster.

In high school, she attended Cosmetology School as a ‘back up plan,’ and as a way to use the creative part of her mind. She was top of her Cosmetology class, a leader in services and rebooking, and had a job lined up with an Elite Salon upon graduating.

She came from a family of entrepreneurs and saw the struggle and victories that came along with the process. She knew that her ultimate mission in life would include creativity, systems, and efficiency.

Joshua Shaffer || Co-Founder

Josh has found ways to be more efficient since he was eight years old and organizing his collectible baseball cards! He loved to file them in a way that made his favorites easy to find. He also found great joy in ‘investing’ his money in his piggy bank.

In high school, he was a quarterback and had a competitive edge to him. One of his favorite parts of being a part of the team was the feeling of community that it provided. He lives to put in his best effort alongside others that are on the same mission.

Josh has a little brother named Kyle (6 years younger), and he loves the responsibility of being a guide and a leader- helping others like his brother avoid mistakes that Josh has made in his life. Being a mentor is a part of Josh’s upbringing, and it’s one of his greatest missions in life.




Amanda began her career directly out of high school. She completed Cosmetology school, and went on to be an Assistant HairStylist at a top Salon in Canton, OH. Due to limitations and obstacles, Amanda eventually left the industry to pursue business management.

After Josh’s job change, the newly married Josh & Amanda packed up and moved to Florida. Amanda went back into the industry (as a back-up plan) and worked long and hard to become a six-figure Stylist, before opening her own Salon in Vero Beach, FL.

She felt the natural progression was to use her experience in business/retail management and as a Cosmetologist to become a Salon Owner and Mentor of other Stylists. The struggles that Amanda faced as a Salon owner required her to put her passion for systems and efficiency to the forefront of her mind.

Her discovery throughout the years was eye-opening: there is a gap in learning from Cosmetology School to being behind the chair, and she strived to fill that Gap. The Hautedry Team is now an Authority in Assistant Stylist training, teaching others the step-by-step process to fill the knowledge gap. This is how HauteDry Academy was born.


Josh began his career in sports (with a degree in Sport Management), and was the Head Football Coach for a nationally ranked team in Fort Pierce Florida.

He specialized in Coaching Quarterbacks; he developed a system and handbook that made them the leading players in their position. Not just relying on talent, but diving deep into the learning process and what makes a Quarterback GREAT. He found ways to simplify their decision making process, and saw great success.

After Amanda and Josh’s first son (Kylan) was born, Josh went back to school to pursue his second love: finance. He has been the financial ‘brains’ behind HauteDry from day one, and loves to make systems that take the guesswork out of cash flow, payroll, and spending in a Salon.

He works for a leading financial firm as a financial advisor, and is the visionary for HauteDry & HauteDry Academy. Amanda and Josh are high-school sweethearts, and their bond only grows with time as they compliment each other in their roles. He uses his role as the ‘guide’ to help countless Salon owners get to the good stuff- enjoying a healthy well-rounded business.


HauteDry Academy

HauteDry Academy is now the fastest-growing and well-trusted Assistant Stylist training source in the nation. With a group of dedicated Stylists, a team of education-focused people, and a passion for changing lives… we can SEE the future of Cosmetology. A world where talent isn’t the main focus of Stylists, where the ‘underdogs’ have a chance to be Elite, and where overwhelm isn’t the first thing you feel right out of school.

You are only ONE system away from becoming the BEST OF THE BESTfor those who conquer.