Salon Professionals


Are you worn out?

Are you feeling the effects of the hustle? Is your body hurting and your passion starting to dwindle? I’ve been there. It’s a tough balance between being busy (to pay the bills) and letting your passion soar.

Maybe you’re a one-person show, or maybe you’re a part of a large Salon. Either way, the same problem arises: you need an assistant. (I can almost hear you screaming expletives from here). I know, I know. Training a newbie makes you tired just thinking about it; there’s so much time involved. Plus, you have to share your hard earned money with someone who is not only in your way, but also accidentally mixes a level 2 instead of 10! Yikes!

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be painful? It CAN make sense financially. It WILL give you time to do the services you LOVE. What if I told you a properly matched (and trained) assistant, can add $ and time to your life. What would you say then?

If you’re intrigued, we’d love for you to read on…