Salon Owners


Are you tired of the hiring process?

Are you feeling the effects of the hustle? Is your body hurting and your passion starting to dwindle? I’ve been there. It’s a tough balance between being busy behind the chair and taking the time to hire and train others. You probably opened a Salon because you had BIGGER DREAMS; visions of scaling it larger than yourself.

Maybe you’re a one-person show, or maybe you own a large Salon. Either way, the same problem arises: you need more time and consistent quality for the people that walk in your door. I know, I know; it’s difficult to find good people. Training a newbie makes you tired just thinking about it; there’s so much time involved. Plus, you have to share your hard earned money with someone who is not only in your way, but also accidentally mixes a level 2 instead of 10! Yikes!

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be painful? It CAN make sense financially. It WILL give you the power to hire the PERSON rather than the skills. What if I told you a properly matched (and trained) assistant, can add $ to your bottom line and time to your life. What would you say then?

If you’re intrigued, we’d love for you to read on…